Supreme Court Justices Asked by the Obama Administration to Rule Quickly on Health Law Print
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Thursday, 29 September 2011 00:59

The Obama administration asked the Supreme Court to hear the case concerning the 2010 health care reform law. The court will soon agree to hear one or more cases involving challenges to the law by 26 States, with arguments by the spring and a decision by June, in time to land in the middle of the 2012 presidential campaign.

The administration gave a hint of its intention on Monday, when it didn’t ask the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to rehear the case brought by the 26 states, the National Federation of Independent Businesses and other individual claimants. Earlier last month, a three-judge panel struck down the individual mandate provision but allowed the rest of the law to stand, making it the only court so far to strike down the mandate on its merits.

The ruling by the 11th Circuit seems to be a compromise and allows for the Supreme Court to rule on the mandate and its so-called severability from the rest of the law.

Administration and Plaintiffs agree that the individual mandate is essential to implementing the rest of the law, which requires states to set up insurance exchanges and enacts new regulations in insurance companies.

The individual mandate is considered by expert to be closely related to other specifics of the health care law and the requirement that insurers cannot withhold coverage or charge premiums based on the health of a patient.

As an American citizen who is not covered by an employer paying my premiums, as unemployed for one year without employment benefits, is somehow manageable with the help of my family, but the problem is not to provide the essential for a minimum coverage and open the way to hospitals. Most people manage to get to the emergency room or like me have a MINIMUM COVERAGE, nevertheless the DEDUCTIBLES are unbearable.

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